Famous Points to See in Coonoor

Famous points to see in Coonoor, a magnificent delight

Niligiri Hills are famous for their panoramic hill stations and one of the major among them is Coonoor, located 17 Kilometer from Ooty. This place is famous for its picturesque surroundings and cascading waterfalls. Apart from natural beauty it is famous for its tea plantations and hiking trails. There are many famous points to see in Coonoor.

Famous Points to See in Coonoor Notable famous points in Coonoor are Sim’s park, Lamb’s rock, Dolphin Nose and Kotagiri. Sim’s park is a botanical garden which was developed in 1874 by Mr.J.D.Sims and Major Murray. This botanical garden has got many rare species belonging to Eucalyptus, Pinus etc. The plants are very exotic and have been bought from all across the world.

Another famous point of Coonoor is Dolphin’s nose; it is given this name because the protruding rock formation looks like Dolphin’s nose. This is an excellent viewpoint for any tourist to see, and climbing to the top is an effort, but this effort is worth taking. In one of the ravines you can also have glimpse of Catherine water fall. If any visitor coming to this place is interested in trekking then he might want to go Droog fort which was built by Tipu Sultan. It is located at 6000 feet above the plains.

Famous point at Coonoor also includes Lamb’s rock which is on the way to this place. It provides an excellent view point to see Coimbatore plains and Hullical ravine is also visible from here. Another beautiful cascading wall in Coonoor is Law’s Waterfall; it is one of the prettiest places to visit. Another point to see is Ketty which is a beautiful landscape at a distance of 6 Kilometers from Coonoor. So if you are planning to visit Coonoor you are taking an extremely good decision because of its panoramic beauty.